Monday, January 23, 2012

The Synergy

Here's another piece of album art that I've done. This was for another local Tulsa rapper named Sur'ron the 7th. (This was actually done months before Mike Dee asked me to do his album art. It was the first album art I had ever done, now that I think about it.) Anyway, Sur'ron contacted me and asked me to work something up for him. He wanted to see a giant broken light bulbs with many smaller (non-broken) light bulbs spilling out of it.He also wanted me to use purple neon lights for the text on the front. It took a few tries, but I finally came up with this:

I think it looks okay as far as design goes, but the bulbs look super flat because I'm stupid and don't know how to color. Anyway, by the time I saw the artwork listed with his music, it was altered slightly to this:

As you can tell, the text has been entirely changed and there's now some texture to the background that kind of looks like bricks. I think most artists would be mad that someone had changed their artwork (especially since we both agreed on the previous image), but I think it actually looks better. Besides, once I turn the artwork over to him, it's his to do with as he wishes (at least in this case).

Anyway, Sur'ron is awesome. Go check out his music for free at:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sound of Redemption

Here is some artwork that I did for Tulsa rapper (and my own bandmate) Mike Dee! He was putting together an EP and asked me to do some cover art for him. I sketched up a design and he seemed to dig it, so away I went. This was actually my first attempt at using color in my artwork, so it's pretty significant to me. The head of the microphone looks kind of dumb, but I'm pleased with the way everything else turned out.

Oh, and the best part? My art is on iTunes!

Take a minute and go check out Mike Dee's "The Sound of Redemption". It's 6 tracks of pure awesome! I promise that you'll be impressed! (Fellow nerds: The first track kicks off with a sample from the '300' movie!) Also check out his Bandcamp site for some free tracks: