Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Sound of Redemption

Here is some artwork that I did for Tulsa rapper (and my own bandmate) Mike Dee! He was putting together an EP and asked me to do some cover art for him. I sketched up a design and he seemed to dig it, so away I went. This was actually my first attempt at using color in my artwork, so it's pretty significant to me. The head of the microphone looks kind of dumb, but I'm pleased with the way everything else turned out.

Oh, and the best part? My art is on iTunes!

Take a minute and go check out Mike Dee's "The Sound of Redemption". It's 6 tracks of pure awesome! I promise that you'll be impressed! (Fellow nerds: The first track kicks off with a sample from the '300' movie!) Also check out his Bandcamp site for some free tracks:

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