Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Swagzilla Art

To round out my posts involving music, I give you the Swagzilla logo. (Swagzilla is a band I play in with my friends Ross Lickteig, Adam Karleskint, and Mike Dee. Go Like our Facebook page:

It took us forever to come up with a band name, and once we did, we wanted a logo to throw up on our Facebook page. I remember putting way too much thought into it one weekend but couldn't come up with anything good. Then out of nowhere, the idea came to me in the shower (like all great ideas). As soon as I dried off, I ran to my art table and sketched out a rough version of it. Later on, I would go through to tighten up the linework and color it...and I kind of fell in love with it (which means a lot because I normally hate my art). I love circle logos, so was very happy with this particular design. I sent it to the other guys in the band and they seemed to like it, too.

And that's how Lil' Swaggy was born.

Here are a couple other versions of the logo that I did for fun. (And yes the pixelated version was made PIXEL BY PIXEL.)


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Math Rock Flyer

Here's a flyer I made up for my pal Jacob Kern of the math-rock band Sometimes Mongoose. He said that he liked my Super Cute art and wanted me to work on a flyer for him, which I gladly accepted. He said that he wanted to incorporate the themes of math-rock and Valentine's Day. I racked by brain forever, and this is the best that I could come up with: A girl calculator swooning over a rock-god calculator.

The design is alright, I guess, but it would have looked better in full-color (I kept it in grayscale with a little bit of pink so that it wouldn't use a lot of ink if Jacob needed to print them up and hand them out).

This flyer was really challenging to do because I wasn't exactly sure how he wanted the text laid out. In the end I ended up using black bars at the top and bottom for the text so it wouldn't obscure the art.

All in all, I think this fell a little flat, though I'd like to try another flyer in the future just to see if I could figure it out.