Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Math Rock Flyer

Here's a flyer I made up for my pal Jacob Kern of the math-rock band Sometimes Mongoose. He said that he liked my Super Cute art and wanted me to work on a flyer for him, which I gladly accepted. He said that he wanted to incorporate the themes of math-rock and Valentine's Day. I racked by brain forever, and this is the best that I could come up with: A girl calculator swooning over a rock-god calculator.

The design is alright, I guess, but it would have looked better in full-color (I kept it in grayscale with a little bit of pink so that it wouldn't use a lot of ink if Jacob needed to print them up and hand them out).

This flyer was really challenging to do because I wasn't exactly sure how he wanted the text laid out. In the end I ended up using black bars at the top and bottom for the text so it wouldn't obscure the art.

All in all, I think this fell a little flat, though I'd like to try another flyer in the future just to see if I could figure it out.

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