Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Cute Origins

As some of you may know, I'm the artist for a webcomic called "Super Cute". The comic is written and lettered by Austin Wilson and David Hopkins from the Hideous Energy podcast. Since this is my art blog, I figured I'd use it to discuss various things from the webcomic, as that's what I'm best know for. This being the first of many Super Cute related blog posts, we might as well start with how Super Cute came to be.


I've been a listener of Hideous Energy since it began. Austin and David are hilarious and have a great understanding of comics and how they're made.On one episode, they mentioned that they were interested in making a webcomic and asked any artists who might be listening to contact them. I gave it a week or two before I contacted them and sent them art samples. They seemed to like my stuff and offered me the artist position. To say I was excited would be an understatement. If I had immediate access to bottle rockets when I found out I got the gig, rest assured, there would've been some serious mayhem.

After conversing with Austin & David via email several times, they mentioned that they wanted to base the comic on characters that Liz Suburbia drew for their podcast. The drawing was originally Liz's take on how Austin & David looked while recording the podcast. Here's the drawing itself:

Looks awesome, right? These would be some mighty big shoes to fill, but I was definitely up for the challenge (even though I've yet to come close to meeting the high standard of quality art that she's put out). I sent Austin and David some sketches of what would eventually become Leonard and Bronson (which I'll show you in my next blog). With some minor tweaking on my part, we were off to the races. I was sent 7 or 8 scripts to illustrate while Austin & David built a website and came up with a name for our webcomic. The name "Super Cute" was chosen, which came from an episode of Hideous Energy where Austin meant to say something was "super pimp", but "super cute" came out of his mouth instead. It was very funny and seemed ironically fitting for a webcomic about muppet-esque characters who cuss a lot.

That's all for now. Like I mentioned above, my next blog will feature some of the early sketches I did for Bronson & Leonard. (Brace yourself because it's pretty awful.)

In the meantime, check out Liz Suburbia's awesome webcomic, Sacred Heart at lizsuburbia.com and buy some of her work!

Don't forget to check out brand new Super Cute strips every Wednesday over at supercutecomic.com and follow Super Cute and all of the creators on Twitter!

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David Hopkins - @dc_hopkins
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  1. You have done some great work man. And have stayed dedicated to the web comic. I could really see the improvement from the beginning to now. I think you have moved the character's into your own style and gave a whole new and different life to them man. Good stuff man keep up the awesome work.

  2. You flatter me, sir! Thank you for the kind words! And I will get to that TMNT jam piece sometime soon, I promise! ;)