Thursday, September 22, 2011

This is an art blog by me. Durr.

I've decided to start an art blog. I've been working on a webcomic called "Super Cute" ( with Austin Wilson and David Hopkins of the Hideous Energy podcast, and it's ignited an artistic fire under my ass like never before. I've been fortunate enough to meet other artists through the comic and have been inspired by them to start an art blog to show my work. Also, it's an opportunity to show some of my old art and make fun of it.


This is a self portrait I made of myself. I did it in this new cartoony style I've adapted for the comic strip. I've recently begun using my computer to add additional artistic elements like grayscale and textures, but this is one of my first attempts at using color. It's kind of a goofy picture, but I'm kind of proud of it.

And just to show how much was added digitally, I've included the original hand-drawn and inked artwork.

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