Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A is for Aquaman

Today begins a 26-part series of blog posts that will take us all the way through the alphabet using superheroes. This project began nearly a year ago when my friends Trey & Alyssa called me up and asked me to create some superhero flash cards for their newborn son, Liam. They wanted to use them to teach him his ABC's when he got a little older. I said yes, and immediately started making a list of characters to use. The only rule was to use all heroes, as using villains seems like an odd way to teach children how to spell. "J is for Joker. Who will murder you with a smile on his face!" Anyway, this made it fairly difficult on a few letters but luckily I'm a colossal nerd, so I persevered. I also have some alternate art for a couple of letters because the original characters that I drew weren't so much superheroes as characters from movies or pop-culture, and decided to change them at the last minute (I'll include the art for those along with the the letters that they correspond to).

Another thing of note is that most of these letters were colored by my lovely wife, Brandy.She did a great job and I'm really proud of her. (Any art that was colored by me will be noted, otherwise, just assume that she colored them.) That's enough talking, let's move on to today's letter, which is of course:

To those of you who say Aquaman is lame...well, okay, you're somewhat right. HOWEVER the current Aquaman book by Geoff Johns & Ivan Reis is a lot of fun. One of my friends asked me why I didn't use Ant-Man instead, which is also a good choice, and I guess my main reason is because I feel like Aquaman is more popular in the zeitgeist, even if it's because "he's lame because he talks to fish." Also, I had never drawn Aquaman before and it seemed like fun, which it was.

See you guys tomorrow!