Tuesday, July 31, 2012

F is for Fantastic Four

Here are some quick notes regarding today's letter, F:

-It wasn't until after I drew all four members of the FF that I realized that I could have just drawn the Flash and saved a lot of time.
-Speaking of which, The Flash is the only major superhero that does not appear in this alphabet. Because I'm stupid.
-I colored this one myself. I used an amalgamation of a few different versions of the FF's costumes and didn't want to drive my wife crazy by looking at a hundred different reference photos.
-At the time I started drawing this, the Human Torch was dead in the comics. I assumed that he'd get better and it turns out I was right.
-Look! The Invisible Woman's hair is different than Elektra's! Yay, hairstyles!
-The Thing is a pain in the ass to draw, but I think I succeeded.
-Seriously, that fact that the flash is not included in this alphabet drives me insane. These are supposed to be "flash" cards, afterall! I may have to rectify this...

See you tomorrow!

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