Friday, August 17, 2012

S is for Superman & Spider-Man

"S" was by far the easiest letter to come up with a superhero for. Spider-Man & Superman are the most popular heroes for Marvel and DC Comics, respectively, thus, this was a no-brainer. Either one would have worked by themselves, but I'd feel weird excluding the other.

I absolutely love drawing Spider-Man and hope to do it professionally one day. I haven't drawn Superman very many times, but I think he looks okay here (special thanks to Emery Peck-- @onecheekwonder on Twitter-- for the advice on Supes!). Superman is in his New 52 costume, which most people dislike, but I dig it.

Oh, and making the shades of blue on each heroes costume different was entirely my wife's choice and I think it looks wonderful. Good job, babe!

All in all, this is probably my favorite of the character letters.

Let's meet back here on Monday for "T"!

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