Friday, August 3, 2012

I is for Iron Man

 First of all, I'd like to bestow a Medal of Honor--and possibly a Nobel Peace Prize--to the artists who have drawn Iron Man in the past. This one was a BITCH to illustrate. His helmet has a very specific look to it and I found it difficult to put on the page. Once I had his helmet how I liked it, I had to draw his torso, which was an entirely different pain in my ass. I ended up using various references from the comics and films to come up with this version of his armor. The main reason for that is because Tony Stark changes armors so often, that whatever I drew would end up being outdated in a few months anyway, so why not take bits and pieces from here and there? Hopefully this looks iconic enough that people will still identify him as Iron Man (and if not, his name is right next to him).

I think my wife got annoyed with me when she colored this one because there wasn't one specific reference for what was supposed to be red and what was supposed to be gold, but we made it through without getting a divorce, so that's good.

I'll meet you guys back here on Monday for "J"!

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