Tuesday, August 7, 2012

K is for Ka-Zar

"Who the hell is Ka-Zar" or "I think you misspelled 'Tarzan'" might be a couple of things running through your mind right now, but rest assured, Ka-Zar is a real comic book character. He's essentially Marvel's version of Tarzan, but the main differences are that he has a smokin' hot wife, a pet sabre-toothed tiger (Zabu, pictured above), and lives in a secret part of Antarctica called the Savage Land where dinosaurs still roam.

Suck it, Tarzan.

I really had to rack my brain to come up with a character for this letter. I checked online databases for comic book heroes, and Ka-Zar was actually the most popular, which shows you how important the 11th letter is when it comes to naming characters.

Oh, and it wasn't until after my wife colored this that I realized that Ka-Zar appears naked and also possibly like he might be humping Zabu. Sorry, child-that-I-drew-this-for!

See you tomorrow!

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