Monday, August 13, 2012

O is for O.M.A.C.

(Colors by me)

"O.M.A.C. - The world's most popular superhero!" These are words that you will never hear anyone say.

Who is O.M.A.C.? Even most diehard comic fans aren't entirely sure. He was created by the legendary Jack "King" Kirby in 1974 and has been reinvented several times, most recently in the DC Comics New 52 series "O.M.A.C." I thought the series sounded dumb at first, but after I read it, I enjoyed it quite a bit, which is why O.M.A.C. made this list. He's essentially DC's version of the Hulk, only more technology based.

O.M.A.C. wasn't my first choice for this letter. Initially I drew Optimus Prime (see below), as he was the most popular character I could think of, but at the last minute I changed it because he didn't originally come from comics. Thus our blue pal with the mohawk replaced him!

See you guys tomorrow for "P"!

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