Tuesday, August 14, 2012

P is for Power Girl

Power Girl is Superman's cousin from a parallel universe. Also, she has a hole in her costume to show off her cleavage. You may think this is inappropriate for a toddler to look at while learning his alphabet, but the alternate character I had listed for this letter was the Punisher, who has a skull on his chest AND KILLS PEOPLE. Since most babies are breastfed, I'd assume that they've experienced breasts already anyway.

Power Girl's costume had been updated in the comics by the time I drew this, but I liked this Amanda Conner design outfit better, especially the gloves. (I guess I never really noticed how well some of these costumes were designed until I drew them myself.) Power Girl has shorter hair than most other superheroines, but I'm not sure I pulled it off very well. (NOTE TO SELF: Get better at drawing hair!) I did the colors on this one myself, which I think turned out pretty well, even if they are flat.

That's all for today. Meet me back here tomorrow for "Q"!

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